by Zargof

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released June 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Zargof Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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Track Name: The Chromosphere
The Chromosphere

Rise! last days of crimson sky
The end will arrive
Falling in a red blaze
Burning the clouds
Boiling the seas

Oh! The heating!
Syncroning life by construction in death till eternity

Oposite energies
Forever in dance, walking to never find equilibrium

When the king begins to die
Nothing will save earth
From his agony
Burn with the landscapes
Is our destiny

Last moments of dying star
The vastness of fire
Then will explode
And turns out the creation
In powder and dust

Oh lost Entities!
Revals me the secrets beyond understands of humanity

Ride over last day light
Perpetualize Night
This way chromosphere
Fades into the end
Track Name: Reverence for the Sun
Reverence For the sun

From high above you cross the skies
You lights the days, and fades in twilight
Beyond the seas, among the clouds,
Between the trees, in glorious dawn
When shades arrive and stars align
This shall reveal your fire crown
The bringer of the storms you synchronize
The revolution of heaven spheres

Creator of the elements your heart is cosmic furnace
You are the great master of the seasons, over eons
And when the wind blows I can fell your breath touching my face.

Your power reigns supreme and overshadow the eyes of mortals
Almighty god of pagan rites and heathen faith and knowledge
You are the center of this astral kingdom, my fount of wisdom
The bringer of the storms you synchronize
The revolution of heaven spheres

Your golden shine glows in firmament, carries waters
The sculptor of the lands, you feed the cycle of the elements
Your light provide the life
It brings existence and animate life-forms

As I see you shining bright, I can feel the sacred light,
over skies.
Offer you this sacrifice, hear this words to sanctify, ritualize, eternity.

Enthroned in mountains, you rules the earth
Your power rises, forever dawning
Blazing star
Track Name: Wanderer Above Seas of Fog
Wanderer Above The Seas Of Fog

Flying silent with my wings
Unreal journey beyond dropped leans
I am the specter of night horizon
Their darken shadow

Ever was buried at frozen ground
And always be wandering for...
Breathing our fallen sunning dawn
And gleaming the last gloomy howl

From high above of darkest wide
Awoke I'll lose the life
Veil my memories of passed times
Wandering silent with the night

Dying as winds of dead crowned kings
I am still, just my infinity
Cursed wander until the end

Rising in fog above the seas
I wander in darkness towards the stream
Around the round of blind rising deepness
So distant shine that I cannot see

Alone in silence without the screams
I wander in darkness beyond the trees
Throughout the night and waiting appear
My own shade that I cannot free
Track Name: Burning Ashes
Burning Ashes

The journey for the understanding
Defy my limits of comprehension
I must step into the darkened dawn
To find the peace, release my soul
Into the ashes of dying stars

The time will overthrow,
Intent weak, throughout the way
And if there are only ashes,
The will of power rise it once again

The gods, Honor the brave,
Intent strong, unfeared ones
And true warriors stand on feet
Until their life sense mission is complete
Track Name: Hidden Dimensions
Hidden dimentions

Deep down inside, totality
Mystery hides, beyond the cover
Echoes outside, reality
Leave out the signs, reveals the matrix

I know the truth is hidden on the skies and I will follow
One piece of infinite behind the eyes of living mortals

All things I see don't reveal the hide world
But my mind runs free to conceive the unknow
Inside my dreams I can see the past and
Relive moment that create the universe

Behind the courtains of ilusioned reality
The pure state of void & matter is unknow to man
The universe between the conscious states of life and death
Will be experienced by all living creatures one by one

I know the truth is hidden on the skies and I will follow
One piece of infinite behind the eyes of living mortals

Calling voices from the other side
To help me answer questions of mysteries
This vastness of the cosmos lies uppon imprisioning
Because we cannot keep the distance from mortality
Track Name: Solve et Coagula
Solve et Coagula

From darkest shades of creation
Primordial rebellion begun
Legions, start to up rise
Lead by the shinning son
The fallen betrayed angel
Banned to darkest depths
Returned from his exile
And offered wisdom to man

A hand up , Solve ; A hand down, Coagula
Duality expression of nature
Junction of the opposites
Roots of the paradoxes
Behind process of reality

Destruction of the ordered states
leading systems to caos
The energy in its purest form
Spreading over the void

The vital forces of Cosmic beings
Comes from the other side
The blazing flame that burns inside
Every living man

See the entropy forever growing
Driving the wheel of the elements
In the Darkness and light's duality
Thus creating all the firmament
Track Name: The Fall
The Fall

Black souls that praise lost creatures
in this astral paradise
Frozen wide, behind the cursed hills

Black trees in your pagan feelings
Under gods throne
Through the fall of darkened wisdom domain

The secrets of the cosmos and the night enchants me
The winter ice freezes the past
The shade of crimson moon destroy the master kingdom land
By the hurts of battle-axe

The fall of Assur's Power

Walking against anything
between the lake in flames
The flames that burns my dreams
Again when the fall of assurs power begin

No lights of the future, no shades of past
The fall of Assur's Power